Graduation Day 2023 was a momentous occasion, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by our exceptional graduates. The ceremony began with a warm welcome from our talented MCs, Khushi Dangol and Sonee Manandhar, setting the tone for a remarkable event. Esteemed guests, including Dr. Daya Raj Dhakal, Mr. Ravi Bhakta Shrestha, and Mr. Pravin Raman Parajuli, graced the occasion, adding to its significance. The ceremony commenced with the singing of the National Anthem, followed by a symbolic lighting of the Panas, representing the illumination of the graduates’ paths towards a bright future. Mr. Dipak Adhikari, our respected Principal, delivered an inspiring welcome speech, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of the graduates and reflecting on their remarkable journey at Malpi International College.

The event featured captivating performances, including a welcome dance by talented students, evoking nostalgic memories of school days. A highlight was the speech by Mr. Pravin Raman Parajuli, CEO of Nepal Life Insurance, who shared valuable insights and experiences, motivating the graduates to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on society. A touching video presentation showcased the students’ journey, capturing their achievements and emotions, and reminding us of the collective growth within our institution.

In the Graduation Day 2023, distinguished guests such as Dr. Daya Raj Dhakal and Mr. Ravi Bhakta Shrestha, delivered insightful speeches, emphasizing the importance of academic excellence and the institution’s commitment to nurturing future leaders. The valedictorian, Ms. Shreeya Maharjan, delivered an inspiring speech on behalf of all the graduating students, encapsulating their shared experiences and aspirations. The event concluded with the distribution of tokens of appreciation to guests and individual recognition of the graduates for their hard work and achievements. Enchanting dance performances by talented 8th-semester students further embellished the day, showcasing their artistic prowess.

We express our gratitude to all the guests, faculty members, parents, and supporters who made this Graduation Day truly remarkable. As the graduates embark on new journeys, we wish them continued success and happiness in shaping a bright future.

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