About the BCSIT Program

The Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) program of Pokhara University provides students with foundational knowledge and practical skills needed in various areas of information systems, computer technology, and management. The program aims to develop students’ intellectual ability, technical skills, and managerial applications through an appropriate blending of computer, information technology, and business courses.

The BCSIT is a four-year program structured in eight semesters. A student needs to complete 127 credit hours of coursework, project work and internship for graduation.

Besides lectures, the classes are facilitated by case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, class presentations and other teaching methods. In order to develop communication and interpersonal skills, students are emphasized to participate in class activities, group discussions and individual presentations.

The medium of instruction and examination for this program will be English, and a student is expected to have good English language proficiency with acceptable communication skill.

The objectives of the Bachelor of Computer Systems and Information Technology (BCSIT) program are as follows:

  • To develop a strong foundation in computer systems, hardware, software, and information technology, ensuring that students grasp fundamental principles and technologies.
  • To foster problem-solving abilities, enabling students to analyze complex technical issues, identify solutions, and effectively implement strategies to address them.
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills to design, develop, and maintain software applications using relevant programming languages and methodologies.
  • To teach students how to manage information systems, including database management, network administration, and cybersecurity, ensuring data security and availability.
  • To equip students with the ability to collect, process, and analyze data, enabling meaningful insights and data-driven decision-making.
  • To develop strong written and verbal communication skills, allowing students to convey technical information to diverse audiences and foster collaboration.
  • To offer a foundation in business and management principles, helping students understand how IT aligns with organizational goals within a business context.
  • To align the curriculum with industry-recognized certifications to enhance employability and industry competitiveness

BCSIT Course Structure

First Semester

Semester I

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 111English I3
MTH 113Mathematics I3
CMP 173Internet Technology I3
CMP 172Fundamentals of Computer Systems3
CMP 172Programming Language3
Second Semester

Semester II

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 112Business Communication3
MTH 114Mathematics II3
CMP 174Digital Systems3
CMP 175Object-Oriented Language (Java)3
CMP 175Object-Oriented Language (Java)3
PRJ 181Project I2
Third Semester

Semester III

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
STT 220Linear Algebra and Probability3
CMP 271Database management System3
CMP 272Object-Oriented Analysis and Design3
CMP 273Internet Technology II (Programming)3
MGT 222Principles of Management3
Fourth Semester

Semester IV

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
CMP 275Computer Architecture and Microprocessor3
CMP 274Numerical Methods3
CMP 276Software Engineering and Project Management3
CMP 277Data Communication and Networks3
FIN 222Fundamentals of Financial Management3
PRJ 281Project II2
Fifth Semester

Semester V

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MKT 351Digital Marketing3
CMP 381Operating Systems3
MGT 322Organizational Behavior3
CMP 471Artificial Intelligence3
 Concentration I3
Sixth Semester

Semester VI

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
CMP 384Computer Graphics3
RCH 322Research Methods3
CMP 382Cloud Computing3
ECO 322Applied Economics3
 Concentration II3
Seventh Semester

Semester VII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 422Strategic Management3
MGT 423Management of Human Resources3
CMP 383Digital Economy3
CMP 472Information System Security3
PRJ 481Major Project4
 Concentration II3
Eighth Semester

Semester VII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
LAW 422Legal Aspects of Business and Technology3
MGT 424Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
INT 494Internship5
 Concentration II3
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