About the MBA Program

Pokhara University has introduced the trimester system at the master’s level of business administration. These regulations will apply only to MBA Programs including MBA (Global Business) and MBA (Finance) courses offered by the University. The prominent feature of the trimester system is the process of continuous evaluation of students’ performance and the flexibility to allow them to progress at a pace suited to their individual ability, subject to the regulation of credit requirements. Each course is assigned certain number of credit hours. Normally, one credit is equivalent to one lecture hour per week per trimester. That is, a three credit hour course will have 36 classes or contact hours in a trimester.

Procedures for Admission

The admission procedure for MBA starts with a notice publicly announced by the concerned colleges. The colleges offering MBA program will provide the application forms and information brochures, on request, against the payment of the prescribed fee.

The concerned college scrutinizes the applications thus received and administers the entrance test to eligible candidates. The college will inform the students about the time and date of the entrance test. Applicants will be short-listed for group discussions and personal interviews on the basis of their scores in the written test. The final selection of students will be made on the basis of their aggregate scores in the entrance test, group discussion, personal interview, and their previous academic records. A college may, however, modify the selection procedure to suit its needs with prior approval of the Dean.

Candidates, who are given provisional admission, pending the submission of the qualifying certificates, will be required to submit an application specifying that they will submit their qualifying certificates within one month of admission, failing which the admission will be cancelled.

A college will be allowed to enroll only 30 students in one section of the MBA class.

Academic Schedules and Course Registration

One academic year of the University consists of three trimesters – Fall, Winter and Spring. Each trimester will have 12 weeks of teaching time, excluding the trimester-end examinations. However, new students will be admitted only in Fall (August) and Spring (March) sessions.

Students will be required to register courses at the beginning of each trimester. Since registration is a very important procedural part of the credit system, all students must present themselves at the college. Registration in absentia may be allowed only in exceptional cases at the judgment of the principal/head. A student’s nominee cannot register for courses but will only be allowed to complete other formalities.

In addition to the regular courses offered by a college/school in a particular trimester, a student will be allowed to register up to two additional courses including those in which he/she has failed.

No student will be allowed to register in the succeeding trimesters without appearing in the trimester-end examination of at least one course in the preceding trimester.

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