Today, we’re diving into the exhilarating world of the Foundation Classes for the 1st Cohort of Batch 2023. It’s been an incredible journey of learning, growth, and inspiration. Let’s break down each day and explore the gems of wisdom our esteemed instructors shared with the students.

Day 1: Ms. Bidhi Adhikari’s Motivational Odyssey

Our journey kicked off with the dynamic Ms. Bidhi Adhikari. She unfolded the secrets of stepping out of comfort zones, strategies for staying motivated, and navigating the intricate path of learning. A powerful start setting the tone for the enlightening days to come.

Day 2: Mr. Subhanjan Poudel’s Wisdom on Various Fronts

Day 2 brought Mr. Subhanjan Poudel to the stage, a maestro in effective communication and education. The cohort delved into the art of public speaking, strategies for continuous knowledge enhancement, and insights into commerce, finance, and management dynamics. A day packed with valuable insights!

Day 3: Mr. Rajesh Sharma’s Financial Expedition

Instructor Mr. Rajesh Sharma, a seasoned professional in accounting, led Day 3. Participants immersed themselves in the world of accounting principles, financial statements, and the application of accounting in business operations. A day dedicated to mastering the language of finance.

Day 4: Mr. Sushant Tripathi’s Personal Development Symphony

Day 4 unfolded with Mr. Sushant Tripathi, focusing on personal development. From understanding financial goals to the types of loans, and starting in the stock market, participants gained practical insights into personal finance and investment.

Day 5: Crafting Impactful Presentations with Mr. Tejas Joshi

Mr. Tejas Joshi took center stage on Day 5, guiding the cohort through the intricacies of presentation skills. From structuring presentations to designing impactful slides and engaging the audience, participants honed their abilities to communicate effectively.

Day 6: Navigating the Digital Seas with Mr. Dinesh Sharma Bidhari

Day 6 unfolded with Mr. Dinesh Sharma Bidhari, an expert in digital marketing. The cohort explored the digital marketing landscape, delved into social media marketing, and gained practical insights into online marketing strategies.

Day 7: Personal Finance and Banking Wisdom with Ms. Bindhya Shrestha

Ms. Bindhya Shrestha, Branch Manager at Siddhartha Bank Limited, steered Day 7. Participants navigated the intricacies of personal finance, debit vs. credit cards, types of loans, and the essentials of starting in the stock market.

Day 8: Unraveling the Stock Market with Mr. Rupesh Misra

Day 8 featured Mr. Rupesh Misra, Senior Corporate Manager at IJ Group, unlocking the mysteries of the stock market. Participants gained insights into stock market basics, investment benefits, practical aspects of stock trading, and the significance of investment.

Day 9: Mastering Presentation Skills with Mr. Sushant Tripathi

Day 9 brought Mr. Sushant Tripathi back to the spotlight, this time focusing on mastering the art of presentations. From pronunciation to slide design, effective use of visuals, delivery skills, and audience engagement, participants refined their presentation prowess.

Day 10: Personal Branding Expertise with Bindu Raj Khannal

Day 10 featured Bindu Raj Khannal, an expert in economics, guiding participants through the emotional impact on decision-making, applying economic concepts, personal finance awareness, market perception and behavior, critical thinking in economic matters, and integrating economics into daily decision-making.

Day 11: Crafting Your Personal Brand with Mr. Sushant Tripathi

 Day 11, showcased Mr. Sushant Tripathi, an expert in personal branding. Participants learned about the importance of pronunciation, the crucial role of advertising, the significance of a well-designed logo, consistency in branding, brand storytelling, and the impact of social media on personal branding.

Day 12: Safeguarding in the Digital Arena with DSP Amber Bahadur Thapa Chettri

Day 12 took a digital shift as DSP Amber Bahadur Thapa Chettri assumed the role of guide. Participants immersed themselves in the intricacies of digital safety, understanding the importance of digital consent and privacy. The session delved into recognizing and combatting cyberbullying and online harassment, equipping the cohort with insights on avoiding online scams. The day concluded with a focus on reputation management and legal consequences in the digital landscape, empowering students to navigate the online world responsibly.

Day 13: Mindfulness Meditation with Vipassana Team

Day 13 commenced with a soothing session led by the Vipassana Meditation team. Participants immersed themselves in a tranquil journey of mindfulness, guided through the power of mindful breathing. The serene escape provided a respite from the demands of academic life, fostering relaxation and mental clarity.

Assess and Train Your Body by Mr. Sabin Joshi

In the latter part of Day 13, Mr. Sabin Joshi led a session on assessing and training body language for effective communication. Participants gained insights into mastering posture, gestures, and non-verbal cues.

Enhancing Public Speaking with Right Body Language Display

During this crucial extension, Mr. Joshi explored the art of enhancing public speaking through the right display of body language. The session equipped participants with practical tips to synchronize their body language with spoken words, ensuring a compelling and persuasive presence. This insightful addition marked a comprehensive exploration of non-verbal communication skills.

Day 14: Hometown Spotlight – Student Presentations

Day 14 brought a delightful twist as students took the stage for short 5-minute presentations on their hometowns. The room buzzed with cultural tales, historical anecdotes, and personal insights, creating a rich tapestry of experiences within the cohort. This session not only showcased the diversity of backgrounds but also fostered a strong sense of community.


The Foundation Classes unfolded as a journey of comprehensive learning and self-discovery. From motivational insights and financial expertise to digital safety and mindfulness, each day brought a unique perspective. The sessions not only equipped participants with practical knowledge but also fostered personal growth. As we conclude this chapter, the cohort stands fortified with a diverse skill set, ready to navigate the complexities of the professional and personal spheres. The Foundation Classes have laid a robust groundwork, and we eagerly anticipate the continued evolution of our students in the days to come.

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