Malpi’s Center of Excellence (COE)

With regular classes and events organized by each COE, students can make more informed decisions on choosing their area of specialization. Learning is a never-ending process. With that in mind, COE aims to create engagement among students, even after their graduation.

Malpi’s COEs are a matrix designed for students to pursue excellence in 3 particular areas.

01 Center for Career Guidance and Placement

Center for Career Guidance and Placement opens students to various platforms and activities that will guide and provide requisite information to our students before graduation.

02 Center for Finance, Banking, and Insurance

Center for Finance, Banking, and Insurance helps to deepen their knowledge on finance, banking, and insurance through various events and platforms such as  “Bulls and Bears”, which is a stock-picking competition among Malpites. This Center aims to make students career-ready in the Financial Services Space and Various Finance Functions.

03 Center for Sales and Marketing

Center for Sales and Marketing aims to hone their skill and knowledge of sales and marketing through events and platforms such as “Digital Mal-keting”, a digital marketing competition. This center aims to prepare students to pursue their careers in the field of Sales and Marketing.

Malpi’s Development Centers

Malpi’s Development Centers are centers that improve and enhance one’s:

  • Skills- Students at Malpi are encouraged to develop all the necessary soft skills and hard skills through the MALPI’s beyond the class curriculum to succeed in their career ahead.
  • Knowledge- Our Unique teaching and learning methodology helps students develop a critical understanding of their subject matter and excel in their academic and career ahead.


Sports and Hobby development center was established at Malpi with the realization of the caliber that sports and hobbies play in the upbringing of active and youthful students. With this center, we aim to promote the college’s cultural, sports, and social activities.


At Malpi, we believe that the college experience is incomplete without service. With students gaining a unique connection to our local, national, and worldwide communities, they change their holistic perspective on civic involvement, community partnership, and social responsibility. These life skills are useful even after they graduate from Malpi.
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