"Malpi's Dynamic Case Study Session Excels in Skill Development"

The Center for Skills and Interpersonal Development at Malpi recently hosted a highly successful case study analysis session that left a lasting impact on all participants. The event commenced with students delving into a challenging case study, setting the stage for a day of insightful learning.

Under the guidance of the experienced Mr. Dipak Adhikari, Principal of Malpi International College, the session unfolded with dynamic discussions, encouraging active participation and critical thinking among the students. The engaging atmosphere fostered a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Following the case study exploration, students were organized into 7 groups, each tasked with engaging in simulation exercises on chart paper. This hands-on approach allowed them to dive deeper into the intricacies of the presented problems, fostering a collaborative environment for problem-solving.

The highlight of the session was the outstanding presentations that ensued. Each group showcased their findings and solutions, demonstrating a high level of critical thinking, and teamwork. The presentations not only reflected the depth of understanding acquired during the session but also highlighted the dedication of the students to excel in the subject matter.


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