Malpi International College under the initiative of Center for Career Guidance and Placement we conducted a session “Banking, Insurance Investment Banking Landscape in Nepal” for students interested in pursuing career in Banking and Insurance.

The session was moderated by Prateek Sharma (Associate Programme Director) at Malpi International College. The main objective of the panel discussion “Banking, Insurance and Investment Banking Landscape in Nepal” was to provide in dept knowledge of where the banking, insurance and investment banking is heading towards and how students could build their career in these sectors.

We had Mr. Pankaj Pant (Head Human Resource & Remittance Business Unit) at one of the leading banks of Nepal i.e., Siddhartha bank. He highlighted on how digitalization has made banking & transaction easier as well as how future will look like in terms of banking where everything will be changed into digital platform. He focused on the impacts of remittance and how it affects in banking sector along with importance of remittance and prioritize what government should do. Last but not the least, he also gave insights to students about the career opportunities in banking sector. Adding to this, he also grabbed the attention of students on what must be done when one seeks for job opportunities, focusing more on attitude and being competitive.

Our second panelist for the session was Ms. Upasana Poudel (Chief Executive Officer) at United Insurance. She pointed out how non-life insurance lack awareness and how this sector is developing. Moreover, the highlight was how digitalization has been changing the dynamics in the real world. Students who are interested in pursuing career in insurance sector there are immense career opportunities and good career advancement.

We had Mr. Sachindra Dhungana (Deputy General Manager) at NIBL Ace Capital who talked about how the investment banks are moving towards globalization and digitalization of market. He highlighted the key points that leads to market fluctuation such as investment learnings, pricing theory, liquidity and political conditions that causes volatility in the market. Moreover, he gave some insights to students who wanted to start investment and pros and cons of taking risk while doing investment.

 Last but not the least, our final panelist was Mr. Pravin Raman Parajuli (Chief Executive Officer) at Reliance Life Insurance Ltd with more than 2 decades of experience in Banking, Investment Banking and Insurance Sector. He highlighted the increase in penetration as well as what can be done to enter the new market. He gave insights about how people are becoming aware and how the insurance institutions cover the risk and their future expectation are looked after. Lastly, he provided the students with the knowledge of investment along with how life insurance should be looked from risk coverage perspective.


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