With the continuous increase in people working abroad, comes an increase in the number of money people send back to their families and friends. A remittance is the transfer of money from one account to another, generally for services rendered. With Nepal’s one of the best leading companies, i.e Thamel remit has been providing the best money transfer services throughout Nepal. It delivers money to almost all the banks over Nepal as well as it is ranked number one money transfer company in terms of the total cost of transferring money from the USA. Thamelremit is one of the most innovative fintech companies focusing on remittance and Malpi is proud to partner with them.

Under the initiation of the Malpi’s Center for Career Guidance and Placement, Malpi International College has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thamelremit ( One of the Leading Remittance Firms in Nepal) to provide Industry Exposure, Internship, and Job Opportunity for the Students. We are very confident that students at Malpi International College will benefit a lot from this collaboration.

We want to thank Mr. Bal Krishna Joshi (Founder, Thamel Remit) for entrusting Malpi International College with this Opportunity.

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