Showcasing Excellence: BBA and BBA-BI Students Present on Fortune 500 Companies


In an exciting display of knowledge and presentation prowess, our second-semester BBA and BBA-BI students recently took part in a dynamic project focused on the Fortune 500 companies. This annual list, compiled and published by Fortune magazine, ranks the 500 largest U.S. corporations by total revenue, serving as a benchmark for corporate performance and providing invaluable insights into the economic impact of the largest companies in the United States. The initiative not only aimed to deepen our students’ understanding of these corporate giants but also to enhance their presentation skills, report writing, and teamwork abilities.

The Project

Students were divided into eight groups, each assigned a prominent Fortune 500 company to research and present on. The companies selected included some of the most influential and innovative names in the business world:


Nvidia Corporation



JP Morgan Chase

Each group was evaluated on several criteria, including the quality of their slides, the depth and accuracy of their report content, the effectiveness of their presentation, and their time management skills.

After thorough evaluations, Winners were Announced.

Winning Team: Gautam Kumar Gupta, Sujal Baskota, Bishal Bhatta, Saraswati Jha

This group impressed the judges with their comprehensive research, polished presentation, and seamless teamwork. Their deep dive into their assigned company provided valuable insights and set a high standard for their peers.

Best Overall Presenter: Subashree Poudel

Subashree stood out for her engaging presentation style, clear communication, and ability to captivate the audience with her in-depth knowledge and confident delivery.

Congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and outstanding presentations! This project not only highlighted the students’ capabilities but also reinforced the importance of understanding the business landscape and developing essential professional skills. We are confident that the lessons learned and the skills honed during this project will serve our students well in their future endeavors.



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